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As updates are made to this website, news of the recent additions will be posted on this page.
10 December 2015 Printed copies of "Death is Always Watching Us" (2nd printing) are now available.
13 November 2015 "Death is Always Watching Us" - 2nd printing is now available online. However, the book is not yet printed (expected on the 30th of Jan. 2016).
We still have copies of the 1st printing, but this version doesn't contain preface, glossary and the numerous minor changes that have been made to the translations in the second printing.
1 October 2015 A new book containing "asubha" pictures is now available online. This book is intented only for practitioners of Dhamma to help them in the practice of "asubha" and body contemplation.
19 September 2015 New translations of 3 recent talks are available to download and a new book "Death is Always Watching Us" is available on printing form.
29 May 2015 New pictures of the relics of Luangta Maha Bua, the Lord Buddha and the other masters.
14 November 2014 We have restructured the video and the download page
1 November 2014 is from now on obsolete. Whenever you log into you will be redirected to (it is easier for us to keep the site(s) consistent. So all the webpages will be accessed from from now on. However the contents will be kept on both servers. If you come from a location that is close to Thailand, your downloads, pictures, videos, books etc will be automatically accessed from the server in Thailand. Otherwise you will receive the contents from the webserver located in the US/UK. If you feel, that your country has a better connection to the server in Thailand and your contents is coming from the server in the US, please contact us and let us know.
12 August 2014 3 new videos with subtitles in En-De have been uploaded, you'll find them the here. Some changes have been made to the download page. The PDF for all pali words has been added to the reference page
2 June 2014 16 new videos have been uploaded (in Thai), you'll find them on the first page of video. At the moment there are subtitles for 4 videos in work and the texts of the Dhammatalks will be published as talks
25 Feb 2014 The book Forest Desanas in the book section has been extensively checked and corrected and newly formatted
27 Jan 2014 5 more Photo albums with several sub albums have been inserted. More than 400 Photos have been added
4 Jan 2014 Photo albums have been redesigned and the photos are now searchable. Most of the old albums have gone and 4 main albums with quite a few sub albums have been added. In February this year 5 more main albums with subalbums will be available. Altogether there will be more than 2000 pictures
23 Dec. 2013 All videos have been uploaded and new ones added: jul-2544 and year 2552
12 Dec. 2013 The German part has now been completely redisgned. It has now nearly the same contents as the English Part.
10 Dec. 2013 For Thais and Thai speaking audience. The video section contains now over 350 videos of Luangta Maha Bua. The database is searchable, but one has to know Thai.
15 Nov. 2013 The design phase is complete, and everything should be working optimally. We have included a ‘Google site search’ facility for your convenience. If you notice a broken link, encounter an unexpected problem, or have a feasible feature request, please let us know.
2 Nov. 2013 We have uploaded most of the new design, and the photos, audio and video sections have changed completely. But we have more to do, and ask you to live with the bugs on several pages for the moment.
31 Oct. 2013 The Download page now has links to all downloads. At the moment we are redesigning the website completely. Once it is finished we will upload it.
8 Oct. 2013 We have added Luangta's Legacy to the About section
3 Oct. 2013 Links have been extensively renovated
30 Sep. 2013 Added Cremation Events in About
26 Sep. 2013 ‘Biography of Luangta Maha Bua’ has been added to About section.

17 Sep. 2013 Good-quality talks (mp3 format) of Luangta Maha Bua in English are now in the Audio section.

17 Sep. 2013 Some new video DVDs have  been added to the Video section.
16 Sep. 2013 has gone live on a new European server, hosting the English and German sections originally hosted on

1 July 2013 A video of ‘Life at Wat Pa Baan Taad’ with English, German and French subtitles has been added to the Video section.
20 Apr 2013 A new video DVD with English subtitles about a bhikkhu ordination in Udon Thani has been added to the Video section.

26 Nov. 2012 From now on, there will be no English- or German-speaking bhikkhu available to teach visitors who come to visit Wat Pa Baan Taad. Teachings will be given in Thai language only.
5 Sep 2012 Copies of several DVDs with subtitles have recently been pressed, and are available for anyone who wants to receive them in the post; see the Video section for further details.

24 April 2012 The English book, ‘In Commemoration’ is now available as a pdf file in the Books section. This book includes a few of Luangta Maha Bua’s last talks on Dhamma.
5 March 2011 Cremation of Luangta Maha Bua. A DVD film of the event can be seen at the Video section. Subtitles in English and German
30 Jan. 2011 Luangta Maha Bua died at 3.53 a.m.
28 June 2003 Opening the new design of the english/german section
November 2001 Redesign of This website is now owned by Luangta Maha Bua and the Forest Monastery of Baan Taad.
1998 was first established by Laypeople