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Asubha Pictures
For practitioners only


This book is intended only for serious practitioners who wish to overcome greed and hatred.

In the forest tradition of Lungphu Mun and Luangta Maha Bua the practice of asubha or seeing the loathsomeness of the body is one of the key practices to overcome sexual craving and greed and hatred...

In order to practice asubha, as taught by the Lord Buddha, by watching corpses decay (we can't do that nowadays) and contemplating the loathsomeness of the body we need some incentives. Here in the tradition of Luangta Maha Bua pictures of rotten corpses, body parts and people in various accidents with torn-off limbs or swollen up bodies are used to get experience in body contemplation. Once we are able to internalize these images and see them more or less clearly with our inner eyes, then we can compare these pictures with the nature of our own body and investigate further until we finally understand the true nature of the body.
Feeling the repulsiveness or loathsomeness of these pictures; getting angry, wanting to throw up or falling unconscious are all an integral part of these exercises. One can consider this as a warm up exercise; for once we really see the nature of our own body it will hit us hard.

Because within this exercise we have to deal with strong unpleasant feelings, this book then is really only for the practitioner, who has some experience in practice and has learned to deal with these kinds of emotions in a wholesome way.


The complete Book contains 103 pages.
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