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Death is Always Watching Us
The 100-Year Era of Luangta Maha Bua Ñanasampanno


Deaths is Always Watching Us - The 100-Year Era of Luangtā Mahā Bua Ñānasampanno is an English translation of a book in the Thai language first published on 12 August, 2556 (2013) to commemorate 100 years since the birth of Venerable Acāriya Mahā Bua Ñānasampanno.

The book contains selected sections from desanās delivered in person by the Venerable Acāriya as well as selected sections from books which the Venerable Acāriya has written. The word desanā is used to refer to both full discourses and the selected sections. The desanās in this book deal with a range of Dhamma topics but many relate to death and rebirth.

This second printing contains translations of all desanās in the original Thai version. The order of the desanās; however, has been changed in a number of places.

The dates of desanās, where provided, have been retained according to the Buddhist calendar as used in Thailand.
Within the desanās, most Pāli terms used by the Venerable Acāriya are retained in Pali, not translated into English. For readers not familiar with the Pali terms, definitions have been provided either as footnotes or in a glossary at the end of the book.


The complete Book contains 106 pages.
Filesize is about 3.7 MB.

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Table of Contents
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Foreword by Venerable Sudjai Tantamano ..... 2
Selected sections of desanās ..... 4
Glossary ..... 98