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In Commemoration of Venerable Acharn Maha Bua Ñanasampanno
"Paying our Last Respects"


The idea of this book was formed during the preparation for the funeral of Venerable Acharn Maha Bua Ñanasampanno. While the cremation of Than Acharn Maha Bua took place, parts of this book were read or played for everyone to listen to. This is one of the main reasons for the title, "Paying Our Last Respect". As this was such a grand event; that I felt it necessary to make it available to English readers...
I hope that this book will not only commemorate the outstanding and unique personality of Than Acharn Maha Bua, but hopefully it will give a brief introduction to his life, and especially his legacy of teaching the Dhamma to reach nibbana, to so many people both ordained and not ordained.
It includes some of his last talks on Dhamma and one of his famous talks: "Dhamma that comes from the heart"
Bhikkhu Martin Piyadhammo, Wat Pa Baan Taad, February, 2012

Important: In the first print due to an error there are 8 pages missing, if you have not received the insert with the book please download it here Print the PDF spread 1,3 on 2 A4 pages, then turn them around and print spread 2, 4 on the backsite. Fold them up correctly and insert them between page 24 and page 25 of the book.

Q: How many monks are here in this monastery? A: There are 43 monks and 3 novices.
Altogether this is 46. Oh, it's already packed, and still more monks are coming. It really burdens my heart to look after them, for they are my responsibility.
All the desanas that I give these days are for the benefit of the world. I don't use the scholarly Dhamma as the basis for my talks. If I had to rely on the scholarly Dhamma, then I would not be able to give a desana any more, for academic Dhamma needs to be memorized. Nowadays, I just can't remember things any more, so where would the words of a desana come from? Memorized Dhamma comes from this or that Dhamma book, this or that Pali phrase, this or that topic, and nowadays I just can't recall any more. A desana comes fresh, straight from my heart, as it suddenly springs up in the present moment. It arises here in my heart, and this is why I can still give desanas. It comes from the heart, and this is why I can speak to the full extent. All of the Dhamma comes entirely from my heart. That's what I tell you. I do not have to refer to this or that scripture, for my heart is the real thing.
The holy Texts of the Lord Buddha and the Arahants, originated entirely from a completely pure heart. Therefore they are without any fault. They pulled the Dhamma out of their hearts to teach the world. It was not necessary for them to refer to anything, like people do nowadays, for this comes from memory, and memory differs from the truth. I tell you this honestly, I speak only this truth that comes entirely from my heart...


The complete Book contains 196 pages.
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Table of Contents
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Introduction .... 9
A Biography of Luangta Maha Bua Nanasampanno .... 11
Dhamma that comes from the Heart .... 31
--Practicing under Than Acharn Mun .... 72
Shedding tears in Amazement with Dhamma .... 91
The heavy weight champion of dukkha .... 107
Only we can take care of our citta .... 119
The citta of the Arahant is empty .... 143
"The beauty comes from within" .... 149
"Its' about time to give up" .... 153
Cremation Events .... 155
Luangta Maha Bua's Legacy to Thailand and the rest of the World .... 171

Appendix .... 175
List of talks .... 175
List of Photographs .... 176
List of titles and ranks within the Thai monks hirarchy .... 177
Pali and Thai Glossary .... 178