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Venerable Phra Acharn Mun Bhuridatta Thera
A Spiritual Biography by Acariya Maha Boowa Nanasampanno

Author's Preface

The life story that you are about to read of Acariya Mun Bhuridatta Thera, his way of practice and his moral goodness, is the result of extensive research which I conducted in consultation with many Acariyas of his discipleship who lived with him throughout various periods of his monastic life.
I sought out these Acariyas, recorded their memories of him, and compiled their recollections to write this biography. This account is not as completely accurate as I wished, because it was virtually impossible for the monks to remember all the many experiences that Acariya Mun conveyed to them about his life as a wandering forest monk. But, if I were to wait for every detail to be recalled before writing this biography, it would only be a matter of time before all information is forgotten and forever lost. All hope of recording his story for the edification of interested readers would then be surely lost as well. With great difficulty, I composed this biography; and, although it is incomplete, my hope is that it will prove to be of some benefit to the reader.
I shall attempt to depict the many aspects of Acariya Mun's daily conduct, as well as the knowledge and insights he attained and elucidated to his disciples. I intend to illustrate his Noble life in the style of the Venerable Acariyas of antiquity who transcribed the essence of the lives of the Buddha's Arahant disciples into ancient texts, ensuring that all future generations will have some understanding of the results that are possible when the Dhamma is practiced sincerely.
May the reader forgive me if my presentation of Acariya Mun's life appears inappropriate in any way. Yet the truth is that it is a factual account, representing the memories of Acariya Mun Bhuridatta Thera's life as he himself conveyed them to us. Although I am not wholly comfortable with the book, I have decided to publish it anyway, because I feel that readers interested in Dhamma may gain some valuable insight.


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Table of Contents
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Translator's Introduction ... i
About the Author ... xi
Author's Preface ... 1
1. The Early Years ... 3
--The Prophesy ... 4
--The Sign ... 8
--Acariya Sao Kantasalo ... 16
--Sarika Cave ... 25
--Savaka Arahants ... 42
2. The Middle Years ... 55
--The Dhutanga Practices ... 59
--A Monk's Fear of Ghosts ... 68
--Local Customs and Beliefs ... 79
--Hardship and Deprivation ... 92
--Graduated Teaching ... 103
--The Difference is in the Heart ... 114
--The Well-digging Incident ... 119
--An Impeccable Human Being ... 131
3. A Heart Released ... 145
--The Spiritual Partner ... 164
--The Most Exalted Appreciation ... 172
4. The Chiang Mai Years ... 184
--The Boxer ... 194
--Tigers in Disguise ... 200
--Powerful Magic ... 214
--Big Brother Elephant ... 224
--Youthful Exuberance ... 230
--The Mysterious Effects of Kamma ... 238
--Hungry Ghosts ... 246
--The Hypercritical Naga ... 258
--The Death of the Arahant ... 266
--The Spiritual Warrior ... 271
5. Unusual Questions, Enlightening Answers ... 288
--Complete Self-assurance ... 291
--Past Lives ... 299
6. The Final Years ... 317
--Fellowship with Pigs ... 324
--Harsh Training Methods ... 336
--The Therapeutic Qualities of Dhamma ... 348
--Tigers Make the Best Teachers ... 357
--His Final Illness ... 371
--The Funeral ... 389
7. The Legacy ... 404
--Relics Transformed ... 406
--Other Mysteries ... 416
--The Adventures of Acariya Chob ... 431
--Conclusion ... 444

Answering the Skeptics ... 457
Citta – The Mind's Essential Knowing Nature ... 461
Acknowledgements ... 469
Endnotes ... 471
Glossary ... 493