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Things as they are
A collection of talks on the training of the mind - 13 talks


These talks – except for the first – were originally given extemporaneously to the monks at Venerable Ãcariya Mahã Boowa's monastery, Wat Pa Baan Taad, in Udorn Thani Province, Thailand. As might be expected, they deal in part with issues particular to the life of Buddhist monks, but they also contain much that is of more general interest. Since the monks who had assembled to listen to these talks were at different stages in their practice, each talk deals with a number of issues on a wide variety of levels. Thus there should be something of use in these pages for every reader interested in the training of the citta.

The title of this collection is taken from a Pãli term that, directly or indirectly, forms the theme of a number of the talks: yathã-bhuta-nana-dassana – knowledge and vision of things as they are. My hope is that these talks will aid and encourage the reader in his or her own efforts to taste the liberation that comes with the reality to which this term refers.

Thanissaro Bhikkhu
January, 1988


The complete Book contains 224 pages.
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Table of Contents
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Introduction ..... 13
From Ignorance to Emptiness ..... 15
The Tracks of the Ox ..... 31
The Path of Strength ..... 35
The Savor of the Dhamma ..... 55
The Middleness of the Middle Way ..... 77
The Simile of the Horse ..... 86
Principles in the Practice, Principles in the Heart ..... 89
The Four Frames of Reference ..... 115
The Work of a Contemplative ..... 137
The Fangs of Ignorance ..... 161
The Outer Space of the Mind ..... 165
To Be an Inner Millionaire ..... 189
Every Grain of Sand ..... 211
Glossary ..... 215
List of Talks ..... 223